What’s up CHAMPIONS, Jared Johnson here, Full-time Firefighter, Gym Owner, Elite Fitness Coach, and 9x Firefighter Combat Challenge World Champion.

Weekly, I receive hundreds of messages from Firefighters, High Performers, and people looking to level up just like you on what I do to perform and be my best.  

The demand has been so overwhelming that instead of responding to each message individually I just decided to bring you what it is I do on a daily basis to perform my best. 

The supplements I take. 

The Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset training I do. 

The coaching I receive, the routine and habits I execute, and everything in between to becoming a Champion. 

And that’s exactly what Elite Nutrition is. 

It’s a breeding ground for greatness. It’s where Firefighters and High Performers level up. It is where excuses are dropped and hard work is put in. 

My mission is to help motivated Firefighters improve performance, shred fat, unlock real consistency, will power, and be the hardest workers on the fire ground. 

We help Firefighters gain back confidence, improve the overall quality of life by stripping all limiting beliefs, self doubts, excuses, and become unstoppable leaders of their industry.
We do this by providing the best supplements, programs, and 1on1 coaching possible in the four pillars of Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, and Accountability. 

We know we are successful when we create a Champion mindset and break through all life’s obstacles and barriers holding you back, which allows you to make a complete physical and mental transformation. 

Myself and Team have worked tirelessly to bring you the best of the best. I promise you that if you go all in with us (take the supplements, follow the program, and get a coach) that your body, your mind, and your performance will be unrecognizable a year from now and you will truly become a CHAMPION

Let’s Go

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